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Mohawk AdvanceNET CAT6 650MHz - Plenum Cable

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Mowhawk AdvanceNET CAT6  650MHz - Plenum Cable
Price: $450.00
Manufacturer: Mohawk
Manufacturer Part No: 318-M5690

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Enhanced unshielded twisted pair (UTP) AdvanceNet cable for use in horizontal cabling systems per TIA/EIA 568-b and ISO/IEC 11801 class e. The cable exceeds TIA/EIA 568-b.2-1 and ISO/IEC 11801 category 6 electrical characteristics. The cable consists of #23 awg solid bare copper insulated conductors, assembled into four tightly twisted pairs, with a FlexWeb core separator, with a ripcord, under an overall jacket. Print includes descending footage markers from 1000 to 0 on each 1000 ft reel or box. This product and/or its manufacture is covered by us patent nos. 6596944, 6074503, 5424491 & 5563377 (PL).

The plenum rated cable is for use in air handling ducts and spaces in accordance with article 800 of the National Electrical Code (NEC).the cable is UL (USA) & CUL (Canada) listed for this application by passing NFPA 262 (UL 910 OR FT- 6 Steiner Tunnel) test.

This cable also complies with the EU-ROHS directive 2002/95/ec (restrictions on hazardous substances) regulations.

IEEE 802.3 10Base-t (Ethernet), 100Base-T (Fast Ethernet), and 1000Base-T (Gigabit Ethernet), IEEE 802.3af Power Over Ethernet for VOIP, ANSI.x3.263 FDDI TP- PMD, IEEE 802.5 4 and 16 Mbps Token Ring, ATM up to 155 Mbps, 550 MHz broadband video and standards under development such as ATM at 622 Mbps, and 1.2 & 2.4 Gbps.


IEEE 802.3 10BASE-T (Ethernet), 100BASE-T (FAST ETHERNET),and 1000BASE-T (Gigabit Ethernet), ANSI.X3.263 FDDI TP- PMD, IEEE 802.5 4 AND 16 Mbps TOKEN RING, ATM UP TO 155 Mbps,  550 MHz broadband video and standards under development such as ATM at 622 Mbps & 1.2 Gbps.


Industry Approval Listings:

Exceeds TIA/EIA 568-B.2-1 CAT 6 & ISO/IEC 11801:2002 CAT 6 horizontal cable


Performance: ETL verified to TIA/EIA 568-B.2-1 CAT 6





23 AWG (.6 mm) solid bare copper

PL: dual insulation, FEP on all 4 pairs

Pair Assembly:

Cable Assembly:

2 primaries twisted in varied layers

4 pairs cabled together with a flexweb core separator


Nominal Cable OD:

PL: no lead plenum rated thermoplastic

PL: 0.228 ” (5.79 mm)



Cable Weight:

Operating Temp:

P L : 33 lbs/1000ft (49 kg/km)

–20°C To +60°C (–4°F To +140°F)

Bending Radius:

Storage Temp:

1” (25.4 Mm) Min (4 X Cable OD)

–20°C To +75°C (–4°F To +167°F)

Pulling Tension:

Installation Temp*:

25 Lbf (110 N) Max

0°C To +60°C (+32°F To +140°F)

*The installation temperature refers to the Temperature of the cable while being installed or pulled. Do not install cable below 0°c (+32°f).

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