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LC-LC Duplex SM US Made Fiber Patch Cable
Price: Starting at $34.39
Manufacturer: GCITechSource Inc.
Manufacturer Part No: LCC600MYU

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LC-LC Duplex Single-Mode Fiber Patch Cable
Premium Grade - Made In The USA from All Domestic Components
Fiber eliminates typical problems associated with copper based cables: near-end crosstalk (NEXT), electromagnetic interference (EMI), and security breaches.
Single-Mode fiber has a small core and only one mode of propagation. As a result you can get up to 50 times more distance than Multi-Mode. It is primarily used for network connections in a spread out campus backbone and can include cable television. You can use a pair of Single-Mode fiber strands full-duplex to achieve up to twice the throughput of Multi-Mode fiber.

Single Mode Cable Specifications
Buffering Diameter
900 m
Jacket Diameter
3 mm
Core / Cladding
9/125 m
Operating Temperature
0C to 70C
Max Attenuation
3.75 / 1.5 (db/km)
Min Bandwidth
160/500 (MHz/km)
Performance Option Code
NEC/CSA Listing

Single Mode Connector Specifications
Parameter Procedure
Insertion Loss
0.35 db Typical,
0.3 db average
Mating Durability
<0.2 db Change for every
1000 Cycles
Therma Cycling
< 0.2 db Change from
-20C to +80C
Cable Retention
< 0.2 db Change at
30lbs for one minute

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